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YouTube suggestions

YouTube suggestions

by jturkin on April 8, 2011

Here are some of the suggestions from YouTube (of videos I might like).

KKK Display stuns Oregon Community

I thought this was because I’ve been watching a lot of “Community” clips lately (it is my favorite show on TV). Turns out, it’s not “community” which is the focus, but rather “KKK.”
Let me explain. I was watching, “the Amazing Racist” clips on youtube. They thought because I watched some of those, I would like more KKK related videos. Falso. While I do enjoy watching Ari Shariff push people to the brink of physical violence, I know he’s an actor, and this is a social experiment to guage the tipping point of someone trying to be polite.
YouTube: Wrong!

RoboCop vs Terminator

It’s just a guy playing a guitar, but just yesterday I researched the rhythm for the Terminator song (dum-dum DUM dum-dum). I watched a video posted by some Swedish metal band, who covers the song. I don’t know how robocop breaks into this equation, but I’m glad he’s there to accompany his friend.
YouTube: Wrong!

The Craziest Dunk Ever

From watching, “17 craziest field crashers,” YouTube thought any sports fan would want to experience an unrelated-sport event. Isn’t this what YouTube was designed for? To bring together communities of people… but also to show somebody with zero interest in basketball the coolest, most complex, most impressive part of the sport without all the other pointless fat. This way, if I ever do try to get in to the sport, my level of expectation will be set too high, and I will inevitably give up on it… with the exception of watching 42sec highlight reel clips on YouTube (and then move on with my life).
YouTube: Wrong!

Red Riding Hood Trailer 2011 HD

I watched a trailer for a nature documentary (narrated by Morgan Freeman, of course), which is a film I am really excited to see and will be released soon. I love documentaries and I love stories about freeing/restoring the life of an animal. Why the hell did you suggest a Twilight spin-off?
YouTube: Wrong!

The CRAZIEST EVER Animal Clips – Ultimate Compilation!

Wait? What is this? You combined my love for animals with my enjoyment of anything “crazy,” wacky or zany? There’s a Chimp doing martial arts in a karate Gi – hilarious. A baby tiger playing with, and getting teased by, a tree-climbing monkey. Brilliant. One of those lizards that run across the water like Jesus on fire. Amazing! And an African-music soundtrack. A kangaroo drop-kicking a dude into a pond. The sneezing baby panda. Elephant vs. Rhino. Elephant vs. Elephant. Elephant vs. Bus.
This video’s got it all. YouTube, you’ve done it again!

YouTube: Success

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